Custom Greeting Cards

Custom cards are a great opportunity to prove yourself and original;y congratulate friends, colleagues, and close people. Cards' design allows people to inject humor, romantic, and kind notes into celebration. Every item features an authentic technique of performance, making it easy to find a perfect card for greeting adults and kids. You can choose any design you consider ideal for an upcoming event, whether you prefer bright colors, calm shades, or elements of flora and fauna.


Cards for Various Celebrations

You can order a greeting card according to your personal requirements. A huge collection of items for different events on the site allows you to find the card for one of the following events:

To wish Happy Birthday.
To express feeling on St. Valentina's Day 14 февраля.
To wish happy New Year.
To show your care on Mother's Day.

Custom greeting cards to meet a newly minted mother from the maternity hospital are also popular. Besides, you can choose a specific design to promote your brand or invite guests to your wedding. 

Large wholesale orders for businesses are also available. For example, this way, top management can greet employees, counterparties, and partners on various holidays. 


Greeting Cards Style

Custom greeting cards are not only about quality but also well-thought style. You should pay attention to some elements of performance not to get lost in the abundance of options.

For example, a European style is in high demand. Here are its main features:


As a rule, no more than three tones are used in the design. All elements are harmonically located relative to each other without flashy details. 

Vintage is one more popular option. It is remarkable for using aged elements that recall the past and evoke nostalgia. Such cards are great for grandpas, grandmas, and retiring staff members.

Speaking about classic or American style, it is notable with integrity. In other words, all elements must fit together.

How to Choose the Card

You should consider several criteria to make the right choice and order greeting cards relevant to your needs. Here are the main parameters: 

Upcoming event.
The number of people to celebrate.
The age of the guest of honor.

A significant date also affects the card's design. For instance, images with flowers perfectly suit Mother's Day. If you want to add a card to your Christmas or New Year gift, playthings,  snowy landscapes, and Santa Claus will look great.   

You can order gift cards at retail and wholesale. In this case, the number of people you're going to greet and their gender play a role. Still, a unisex variant will fit if you greet both men and women. 

Don't forget about the age of the guest of honor. Thus, skipping extravagant images with hot girls would be better if you want to greet older men. Still, such creativity is suitable for young guys.