Vegan Pastille

Vegan Pastille is an excellent delicacy containing a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients. You will be captivated by notes of sweetness, unsurpassed flavor, and mind-blowing taste.


Benefit from Sugar and Gluten-Free Pastille 

Sugar-free vegan pastille increases the body's immune protection, reduces the risk of development of vitamin deficiency, improves blood composition, and normalizes digestion. It is also a great dietary food element.


How to Choose Pastille

While choosing sugar and gluten-free vegan pastille, carefully study its composition. A quality product should not contain flour, starch, and vegetable oil. Sweeteners are also a disadvantage. Besides, don’t forget to check the expiration date.

Apple Pastille

Delicious and aromatic treats are made of apple puree and are worth buying. On the contrary, it would be better to escape pastille with pectin.

Berry Pastille

The product is made from natural berries or aseptic puree usually used for baby meals. 

Fruit Pastille

The fruit candy or roll-up treat is prepared without flavors or preservatives.

Pastille Mix

The product includes a mixture of berries or fruits, striking a variety of flavors. However, all ingredients must be natural.

Holiday Pastille Mix 

The holiday pastille set is a perfect gift for family and friends. It will decorate your table and delight your guests. The original packaging, pleasant design, and unforgettable product taste will remain in your memory for a long time. Buying a set of pastille for a holiday, you won't regret it. Both adults and children will be happy to get such a present. The delicacy is made of natural raw materials, so it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Pastille Set for Every Day

Pastille sets for every day are a great opportunity to discover new tastes and enjoy the product quality. Each piece is filled with vitamins and energy. That is why pastille sets good snacks and desserts. A cup of tea in the family circle will be even more desirable if you serve a natural treat together with an excellent drink. Pleasant sweetness or light sourness –  find a perfect option to your taste.

Our Pastille is the Best

It is made of selective fruit and berries.
It is dried at low temperatures, preserving the ingredients' beneficial properties.
It is supplied in a sealed package to avoid spoilage before the end of the shelf life.

Buy began pastille to savor a great taste of a natural product.